Aviation Instruction

Learn how to fly, stay current or transition to a new aircraft with Rocky Mountain Sport Jets. Contact us for more information about our training program.

Comprehensive Pilot Instruction

At Rocky Mountain Sport Jets we take pilot instruction seriously. We pride ourselves on our high standards of excellence and quality curriculum. You can be sure that you are receiving only the best instruction when you choose Rocky Mountain Sport Jets.

Our Instructor

Steve Cirino has more than four decades of flight experience. Before he began instruction with Rocky Mountain Sport Jets he was the original mentor for Eclipse Aviation. Their program was very rigorous with high standards which he has carried over to his instruction here at Rocky Mountain Sport Jets. His goal is to pass his long history of aeronautical excellence to his students.

Our Instruction Programs

Rocky Mountain Sport Jets provides training for:

  • Transition training
  • Difference training
  • Recurrent safety training
  • Training during aircraft delivery

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