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Experience the freedom of private aviation with Rocky Mountain Sport Jets. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, we have programs that will give you the flexibility only available through a private aircraft charter.

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Rocky Mountain Sport Jets is fully integrated with International Air Charter. As an ex-airline pilot, Steve Scirino, President of Rocky Mountain Sport Jets, operates his charter organization with the quality you would expect from a premium airline. Don’t compromise on comfort or safety. Contact Rocky Mountain Sport Jets for a quote for charter today.

Cessna Conquest

The Cessna Conquest is a nimble aircraft suitable for trips under 500 miles and landings on smaller airfields. The oval shape of the cabin provides ample elbow room and surprising comfort for its size. The cabin seats six passengers. The Conquest is often used in medical excursions because of its stability and safety. Our fleet is equipped and certified for medical trips.

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Cessna Citation 550

The Cessna Citation 550 is the perfect combination of cabin size, short-field capability, performance, and economy. The Citation is more suitable than the Conquest for longer trips due to its higher range and faster speeds. Arrive in style and comfort in one of Rocky Mountain Sport Jets Citations.

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